Hi everyone!

Since I was so busy with the moving, the apartment, my work... actually getting my life back on the tracks... I totally didn't had the need to update things on my blog.

So here are a few pictures of the last few months

I found this adorable cat nearby mine apartment and we instantly bounded. Her name is Nagy and without her... I think I would become crazy!

I started to feel more comfortable in my skin... and didn't refused the camera of others anymore. Because of this, I became more interested in modeling and started to take good care for my body again.

After 3 months of being homeless and not knowing what would come... I finally found a peaceful apartment in the center of the city... I feel so much better now...

I know it's a little update... but the last months where really the best and worst months of my life (on this moment) and I can't wait to celebrate my 22 birthday with the ones I love the most.

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