wanweird: an unhappy fate

I discovered the magic of 'spirulina' and 'chlorella' powder.
Because of my veganisme I must take good care of my health and for the past few weeks I felt my health dropping.

So a friend of mine told me about 'spirulina' and how it takes care of your immune system. So I went to the vegan store and they also gave me some chlorella powder (which is super food).
I tried it this morning in my smoothie and I must admit... it wasn't a 'jolly' sight. 
My smoothie became this weird dark green goblin drink, but I already feel much more energetic!!!

They told me that it's also good for my hair, skin and fingernails... I'll give an update in a month.

and for now... I just study again (like I always do these days)

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