Lush review: KARMA SOAP

When I became vegan, it was very hard for me to find some nice soap. Most of the time it contains honey, or it just smells bad. I couldn't find something that I really liked until a friend of mine introduced me to the 'karma' line.

I just fell in love with the 'patchouli' scent. When you just leave it in the bathroom, the air fills with this 'incense' like scent. If you don't like this 'airy' or 'heavy' scents, this soap is nothing for you. 
Of course, it's not only about patchouli! There is a little hint of orange which makes that there is also this 'sweet' touch. 

The only sad part of it, is that it's only available in 'hard' form... there is no shower gel yet. But this little detail doesn't really makes me reconsider this product. 

If I had to describe this soap with a few words I would say:
Exotic and mystical

and the best part is... because it's a 'line', you can also buy the body cream, parfume and shampoo.

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