Since a few days I moved in to my best friends attic. 
I gonna stay here for two weeks, and afterwards I gonna live for 2 months in Borgerhout.
And then... the praying for a studio can begin.
I think it's a little bit poetic, having a bed without a frame.
It kinda screams: 'I don't care'


zoanthropy:n. – delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal 

I'm just so tired of the studying. At least it started raining the past few days so no sunshine for me! 
I'm just so tired... I'm longing for the vacation and for the late evening talks in the park.
I just want to read books, without worrying about school or work. And I just want to enjoy the street parties here in Antwerp.

I hope you all had a nice day... and for the ones out there that are still studying for their exams (like me).


 Mancinism: favoring the left hand 

I just finished my philosophy exam, and I'm heading to my next one 'Economy'. I think it's all interesting... but  it's a sad truth that when you find something interesting, it doesn't mean that you're good with it.

Oh and just check out my this picture of me and my snake. I just learned her to lay still on my shoulders. I kinda feel like Daenerys Targaryen protected by her baby dragons... only I'm protected by my beloved snake. 


wanweird: an unhappy fate

I discovered the magic of 'spirulina' and 'chlorella' powder.
Because of my veganisme I must take good care of my health and for the past few weeks I felt my health dropping.

So a friend of mine told me about 'spirulina' and how it takes care of your immune system. So I went to the vegan store and they also gave me some chlorella powder (which is super food).
I tried it this morning in my smoothie and I must admit... it wasn't a 'jolly' sight. 
My smoothie became this weird dark green goblin drink, but I already feel much more energetic!!!

They told me that it's also good for my hair, skin and fingernails... I'll give an update in a month.

and for now... I just study again (like I always do these days)

Lush review: KARMA SOAP

When I became vegan, it was very hard for me to find some nice soap. Most of the time it contains honey, or it just smells bad. I couldn't find something that I really liked until a friend of mine introduced me to the 'karma' line.

I just fell in love with the 'patchouli' scent. When you just leave it in the bathroom, the air fills with this 'incense' like scent. If you don't like this 'airy' or 'heavy' scents, this soap is nothing for you. 
Of course, it's not only about patchouli! There is a little hint of orange which makes that there is also this 'sweet' touch. 

The only sad part of it, is that it's only available in 'hard' form... there is no shower gel yet. But this little detail doesn't really makes me reconsider this product. 

If I had to describe this soap with a few words I would say:
Exotic and mystical

and the best part is... because it's a 'line', you can also buy the body cream, parfume and shampoo.


abligurition: excessive spending on food and drink

I just returned from the vegan shop and I feel like a poor woman. I couldn't resist the urge to buy all these products that I don't need... but I think I won't be hungry for 1 month. 

And of course I couldn't say no to new lush products. Be prepared for some reviews! 

And for now... BACK TO THE STUDYING PART!!!!


Adoxography: A modern word to describe an ancient way to train young people in the art of rhetoric.

Aarrghhh!!! I hate finals!!!
It's so funny that when you want to study... the weather seems to hate you! The sun is shining and you hear little children playing around.

Normal people would say that they don't like sun during their finals because they want to go outside. With me it's kinda the opposite. 
I'm allergic for the sun... so I'm just dying because at the moment. My body is just tingling, so I need to cover it. I can't wait till it's winter again.

I just want to make some nice snow angels and a snowman. 

Wisdom teeth

Today was such a fearful day.
After more than a year I decided to go to the dentist. I was so afraid that he would tell me that I had to undergo an operation because of my wisdom teeth. 

Have I've been so wrong. 
My wisdom teeth are totally ok it seems. Two of them have found their way out, and one of them is still acting weird, but there is no need to panic. So I'm very happy with this news.

After the little 'tooth' panic attack I can finally start studying for my finals.