So my hair adventure continues...
I bought this super cheap wig in an African shop in Borgerhout. They were lowering their prices because the wigshop next to them were in their sales period. So I just enjoyed the 'war' between the two stores and made my move on their weakest moment.

People told me I kinda look like Merida from the movie 'Brave'. It just makes me laugh. I think people should buy wigs, as if they would buy rings and necklaces. It's just so fun to change your hair so easily. 

And this morning I received this bottle of coke. My name is finally famous enough for consumption!!! 
And yes... 'Jolien' is actually my real name. Nice to meet you!

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    1. Thank you! :)
      But to speak the truth... I just can't stand being the same for a long period of time.