Vegan Bacon

I'm already 11 years long a vegetarian, and 1 year ago I started experimenting with veganisme.
Probably because of the word 'experimenting', a few vegans will be offended, but here in Belgium 'veganisme' isn't that 'known' and their are not so many stores in my little village that sell vegan stuff.

After a few months I already found some things, and of these amazing products is 'VEGAN BACON'.
Since my fifth year of the vegetarian life I was craving for salty snacks... and sometimes when I smelled bacon  I thought: 'I must find vegi/vegan bacon', and after a few years I finally found it.

It's very funny that I don't remember the taste or the texture of bacon, but one of the biggest carnivores I know tasted it and told me it's kinda the same. So yeah, I'm pretty happy!!!

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