Strikhedonia: the pleasure of being able to say 'to hell with it'

I'm still not getting used to my new hairstyle. I still grab the shower cab. When I go to sleep, I still want to braid it. It must be such a silly view when I'm in the bus untangling non existing hair.

I discovered that I used my hair as my greatest 'accessoire'. But it may sound silly, but I don't miss it.
I only miss the 'color changes'.

So maybe I will buy a few wigs in the future, just to dye it with fancy colors.

About my outfit...
I tried to create this weird feminine/masculine look.
It's not the style of clothes I used to wear.  But now, I have the feeling that I can't be too 'fairy-ish', otherwise it just looks weird (believe me, it looks weird).

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