Nelipot: someone who walks without shoes. 

Sometimes I have these days that I just want to stay in bed. I really must convince myself to take a shower and eat something... and afterwards I just pull on some oversized sweater, short shorts and socks.

It's actually a waste because I end up in bed anyway. 

One of my colleagues helped me getting this sweater. In the shop (I work at Urban Outfitters Antwerp) I'm known as a 'die-hard' unicorn lover. Every time there is something unicorn'ish in the shop... I can't resist myself. It's a strange addiction.

So a colleague saw the sweater online and helped me order it, and now I'm the proud owner of this oversized warm sweater!!!! The socks are from American Apparel... they have the most awesome socks (and clothes)!!! 

And it's just like I said... I'm just editing these pictures in my bed with a nice cup of agave-tea. Later on I will just read a book. I'm almost finished with the 'A song of ice and fire' series. So I will probably start with Siddhartha written by Hermann Hesse (after a few hours).

And I end up in bed.

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