One month ago I chanced my 'shampoo' believe, I used to wash my hair with shampoo from the regular stores with regular brands. (and they worked for me back then) But everything chanced when the hair dye attacked!!! 

I'm kinda addicted to hair dye. I colored my hair in the most crazy colors like pink, half brown half white, silver, purple, ginger,... Everything except black. In that period an amazing hairdresser wanted to dye my hair for a show, so I said: 'HELL YEAH'. But my hair was begging for mercy. 

 So Because of this little event my hair just died faster and faster. I kept a hair color for 'maybe' 2 weeks, I bleached it, and moved on to another color. But then came the moment I couldn't do anything anymore. and my hair changed into this very damaged 'EXTREME DAMAGED' hair.

 I wanted to shave it off  (yes, really shave it off) but then there was this 'lush' angel, and she helped me out. She told me about this amazing product 'Blousey'. It was a shampoo full with bananas and a delicious scent. So I tried it, and after just 5 days intense hair-care this magical thing happened. 

My hair became more manageable and started to shine again. 

So what's in this magical potion? 
Like I already said... the main ingredient are bananas. But there is also this wonderful herb 'clove' in it. The clove will take care of your scalp and will give your hair some extra shine. The blackberries and rosemary give this very nice scent.  

And did I already mentioned it's VEGAN?

There is only one downside on this shampoo. There are some, I call it 'banana seeds' in it, and they have the tendency to stay clinched in your hair when you have very tangled hair (which is in my case extreme tangled) but when I use a conditioner afterwards it doesn't matter.   

This product really impressed me (and my hair) and is also the reason why I' became a real lush lover.

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