I love pastel hair colors, unicorns, mermaids, lamantines, fennec foxes,books, vegan food…and things that are older than me. I make associations that most people don’t understand, and I want a life that is beyond understanding.

Kohiemke (Pronounced ‘Koh-Hiemke’)
When I was little, I couldn’t pronounce my real name. So I created a new one. I created myself. For me, this name stands for ‘creation’. My world, my path. It’s a trigger to create, to live,…
Like I already said… I want a life that is beyond understanding.
I live in Belgium. A country where it’s cold in the winter and warm in the summer. Everything is balanced. Everything is nice. We do not have wars, we only see them on television. We can drink hot chocolate milk, read books and talk about politics. 

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